Matt Stocke is an American stage and television actor from Pittsburgh and now lives in New York City working as a professional actor. Matt recently appeared in Michael John

LaChiusa's GIANT at the Dallas Theater Centerand he was also recently found on Broadway in the hit musical 'Rock of Ages.' Matt has performed in the Broadway musicals Titanic, The

Full Monty, The Boy from Oz and The Wedding Singer and in the original Los Angeles company of Wicked. He also recently appeared in episodes of the FX hit show 'The Americans.'


And while Matt's voice has earned him his living, he's also a talented guitarist with influences from metal to jazz and blues.


Matt recently founded GhostLite Media, a company designed to teach media skills to companies and individuals with techniques and methods used by actors in their craft. Oh yeah, he's also Patrick's college roommate so he's the one to hit up for stories.


Matt plays whatever we hand him on stage, but he usually prefers his beloved Les Paul.